No Border

No Border

Lorrie Bowden

Photo courtesy of yann arthus bertrand
Seashores in the sun, gardens behind a wall,
Imagination will take its run-up everywhere,
Dreams under the moon and blue prayers enthral
Nothing is impossible for there is no border
I walk along my shore, you seem so far away,
With miles of surging water in between,
It’s so hard to comprehend, that your night is my day,
The difference in my heart can not be seen
Separated, unseparated, tides and backwash,
The law of attraction rules planets and souls,
Horizons outside make walkways inside,
Trees, wind and the sea will pass on our messages!
Whispers in the wind, gently nudge my soul
My heart is open wide, by your candor and your kindness
Your essence is a pillow, for the secrets I have told
a friendship with no space ~ truly timeless
Like a cheering sun beyond the ocean,

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