Be a hero











Friendship? Friendship?




Grandparent, family. Grandparent, family.

Be a hero

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We need someone to love us and tell us we will be okay.



             I need a hero

What have I become? I have lost the old dreams.
I have colored my life gray and I have learn to accept less.
I’m left with shadows of faces and places I can’t find.

Men will sin and dance in the seven deadly sins and learn one day.
What did I save?  We hurt ourselves daily with accepting less and living for false dreams.
I was going to save the world. I can’t even save myself today.

Yesterday heroes told me. You can do anything you want. Only dreams not reachable is the dream
left sleeping and undone.  I hear echoes of voices telling me. Johnnie, you will be…

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