Fair Is Beautiful ?

Fair Is Beautiful ?

Scattered Thoughts

Last week as I was busy taking advantage of the “Independence Day Super Discount Dhamaka” at one of the most reputed chain grocery stores of the city, a high-pitched voice suddenly attracted my attention. I was not eavesdropping, actually there was no need for that as every syllable was clearly audible even from a distance. An elderly lady was arguing with another, ” are you  crazy to pick this bright yellow kurti for Jhumpa ? She would look horrible in this ! kalo meyer jinis kinte gele bhebe-chinte kinte hoy ” ( you’ve to think ten times before buying anything for a dark-complexioned girl )

From their outer appearance it was evident that both of them belonged to the upper crust of the society, people who claimed themselves as educated and enlightened. But did education help them to change their mind-set that complexion has nothing to do with beauty ? I’m…

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