Deep Curve Pavlova

Deep Curve Pavlova


“Pavlova’s built-in stimulus will get you exactly where you need to go,” the salesman offered a pen, anxiously awaiting signature. “I recommend enabling conditions from the beginning.”

Carl flew off in the minivan, shouting commands, “The nearest of everything, Pavlova. I don’t need a long list of choices. I need water. ”

“Don’t fear what you do not know,” Pavlova speaks. “Just run.”

“But you are a motor vehicle,” Carl pats the dash.

“I don’t trust her,” his girlfriend says.

Pavlova accelerates and curves off-road, heading toward a lake.

“Where is she taking us?”


“Just run.”

Task Completion: 100%
Predicting Outcomes: 100%


Genre: Realistic Fiction (ha ha) – 100 words

Copyright: Roger Bultot


This story was inspired by the article I read today about artificial intelligence. It’s not nuclear war that we’ll fear in the future, but superintelligence in the form of machines or artificial intelligence, starting with those chips in our cars.

Thank you…

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