Window Dressing

Window Dressing


“Buy me a new refrigerator!”

Gemma told her husband while he sipped a hot cup of salabat (a local concoction of crushed ginger cooked in boiling water, a cheap and healthy substitute for coffee). He nearly coughed out the liquid upon hearing her demand.

“We have a ref,” argued Jimmy, scratching a part of his body that was not itchy. It was a habit he acquired whenever his wife asked for something out of the ordinary. “I have no money.”

“Sarah bought a new one yesterday. I heard her boasting about it this morning.”

‘Let her,” he replied automatically. Their close door neighbor were more well-off financially since Larry, Sarah’s husband, worked in the local government office. “Do not compete with her.”

“I am not competing. Why should I?” she shook her head though the tone of her voice clearly expressed the opposite. “Our ref is old. It’s time for…

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