Before I retire for the evening, I thought I would share something that Is important in regards to judging others.  image

Many years ago when I was a substitute teacher for the Matanuska Susitna school district in Palmer Alaska. I remember this particular morning that I was sent to Burchell High School.

This school was a continuation school. It was a school for troubled teens, if you will, or maybe teens with behavioral problems.

When I arrived at the school the attending counselor greeted me and asked if I had ever worked with these kinds of teens.
I told him I had, and his reply was music to my ears.  He said, “I just want you to know that all of our students are not bad, to the contrary,  they’re all good students, they have just made some bad choices.” He went on to explain that our job was to…

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One thought on “NEVER JUDGE

  1. Thank you so much for following my blog. One thing my experience has done is humble me and make me eternally grateful towards people such as yourself who don’t judge or hate. My daughter is in some special classes as well for the “emotionally disturbed.” While she is very smart, she has ADHD and PTSD. Been on meds since she was about nine years old. I applaud anyone who looks upon our “challenged” youth as being special, and not just a pain in their rear…

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