Marketing – None on None

Marketing – None on None

Jo Robinson

When you were growing up, did you often wake up and think, “Wow! That’s it – I want to be a telemarketer? And then—! When I’m REALLY good at that I can move on up and sell insurance door to door! Yeah baby!!!” Yes – I know there are too many exclamation marks you grammar guru guy you!!! No. You probably wanted to be a fireman or astronaut, or the next president. The problem is that life is a slippery old thing, and things happen, crappy people happen, and sometimes you find yourself upside down in a pit of some horrible thing, and you have no choice but to take whatever means you can to earn your monthly crusts.

Nobody likes telemarketers. Nobody likes in your face buggers trying to force you to insure yourself against clocking out entirely. Nobody likes in your face buggers in general. Having been in…

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