* A Most Special Parent

* A Most Special Parent

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I have met the most amazing parents in my many years of teaching.  Despite dire prognoses and unfamiliar terrain, often with an overwhelming sense of grief, I have seen parents forge paths for their kids where there was little hope.  I am taking the liberty of writing about a most exceptional parent.  Her name is Alessandra.  This brilliant woman, gifted as an artist and amazing in suffering, could have folded, crashed, and burned.  Her child suffered one of the most serious illnesses I’ve ever read about.  She has fought to keep him alive, converting her home into a virtual ICU unit.

Not only has she endured his life-threatening condition, she has decided to help others with the knowledge she’s gained.  She has co-founded The Institute for Neuro-Fasciology.  On that website, she describes her son’s disorder, the catastrophic brain damage he has suffered, and how she wants to improve the lives…

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