The creme of surf coaching

The creme of surf coaching

surf and fitness journey

Confidence has always been my downfall, and by confidence I mean that I had none. The same has gone for my surfing. I’d get a little confident, try unbroken waves, wipe out and then lose my confidence again. It’s been a bitter cycle for months and months.

Yesterday I had a surf lesson with Mal Gregson. I expected him to tell me that my surf was suffering because my pop-up was too slow, my paddling was weak and my balance was shot. I expected to be working on mostly these three things, away from the fun part of the waves. The first thing Mal did was reassure me that I had nothing to be nervous about. He’d just got home from travelling in Indo and he understands that sometimes you can look at a wave and admit you have your limits, and it doesn’t have to be twelve foot…

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9 thoughts on “The creme of surf coaching

  1. Wow. Surfing, and a whole new vocabulary. Tried surfing myself a couple of years ago. My arms felt very skinny — but it was fun. Couldn’t reach the top shelf for a week. Nice link.

    1. Thank you – It provides the following:

      Surfing provides many health benefits including:

      ◾cardiovascular fitness – from paddling.
      ◾shoulder and back strength – these muscles will strengthen from the paddling.
      ◾leg and core strength – once you’re standing up on the board, strong legs and a strong core will keep you up.

      1. I agree with you – As I mentioned to you in my previous message, I had health issues, Piano was my medicine. When I read your words, post it provides me a great energy and motivation. Also, your accomplishments and results were incredible!

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