46 thoughts on “Featuring Mihran Kalaydjian

    1. Sheri – May God Bless you and your family – let this music gives your the strength to always read your extensive and productive composition!

      1. Thank you Sherie kindly and sincerely – I hope for you & Tom a prosperous health and smile. May God Bless you both and have a splendid weekend!

    1. Caro – my cousin has same name of yours, I adore you! This is my latest clip duet with my sister, hope you will enjoy the tune and melody!

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful interview! I left a comment on the original site but I would like to share it here… itΒ΄s Mihran’s quote: “When you compose, it becomes possible to fulfill the desire to create a world of your own, a personal microcosm where you set the rules and also make their exceptions” it sounds the way writers feel… or at least how I feel when writing, maybe this is common to all expressions of art πŸ™‚

    1. Carla – this is a great honor and pleasure of your elegant compliments, this means a lot to me. May your shine for you and have a brilliant weekend:)

  2. Mihran, I enjoyed your interview and learning about your influences. You are quite accomplished. I’m sure you make your family very proud! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Jarrod, my friend, I appreciate it. This means a lot to me. I wish you success and good health to always continue your success and enjoy reading over your blogs!

      1. Good Afternoon Angie – You have a great question whether I am performing a concert in Arizona. Please sent me a email to me kmihran@Hotmail.com

        I will have as a honor guests . Have a wonderful Weekend;

        Cheers – Miran

    1. Wow – Kitt – I am speechless and have no words for your excellency of elite encouragements and appreciation. You are truly sharing very valuable cause. You have my support!

  3. Mihran,
    What a wonderful interview! Congratulations on the interview and also on so many accomplishments in your musical career. I enjoyed learning more about you too! Like you, my parents have been so important in my life and I truly admire them. I wish you continued success!

    1. Good Afternoon Christy – Please allow me to thank you for your kind compliments – I myself admire your page and topics you share. I congratulate you!

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