5 thoughts on “The Sunday Show – Mihran Kalaydjian, Contemporary Solo Pianist & Composer.

  1. Mihran, What a fabulous interview! Now I understand why I connect to you…..Music means life itself to me starting with piano & then school choruses. My BA is in History & my MA in Political Science. I have been a runner all my life. My career was in public education as a history teacher & then principal. And now my son is Manages/ Exec Chef of a sports tavern restaurant. But YOUR life far exceeds mine in accomplishment & fame. I never promoted myself. –A marvelous interview….You are a marvelous person! Phil from excuseusforliving.com

  2. Mino, In “Smorgasborg” interview, love the music clips of Melody to My Family with all the photos & who they are & then the Band Playing & your wonderful playing & singing! Phil

    1. Good Morning Philip – Please accept my sincerest apologies for not responding earlier to your greatest wisdom words. I learn from you in the best way to keep with appreciation and excellence, thank you!

    1. Good Afternoon Doris – I apologize for not responding earlier to your kind and sincere compliments, THANK YOU SO MUCH – Let your week shine and joy with melody music!

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