What is normal? What is wrong?

From Palestine – where people suffering!



Is it okay to forget our reality for a little while? Is it okay to enjoy our time as human beings and not as Palestinians? Can we enjoy our time as Palestinians? As Palestinians, can we find a way to balance between bad times and good times? Even though we wake up every day to a reminder of the miserable life we live; reminder of the occupation/colonialism, can we find a space to live as humans?

It is normal for each human to have a daily routine. A routine is a way for us to control our life and make every minute of it counts. An average person’s routine could be waking up, going to work or college, maybe go to the gym afterwards, attending a party, get a few drink and so on. This type of routine can go according to what this human pleases, he/she have the power…

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4 thoughts on “What is normal? What is wrong?

  1. Thank you for posting this. We get little news directly from the Palestinians. All is filtered through the media, and all sounds hyperbolic and terrible. This is wonderful.

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