Mihran Kalaydjian Playing Tribute To My Parents Melody
Mihran Kalaydjian Playing Tribute To My Parents Melody

Mihran Kalaydjian Playing Tribute To My Parents Melody


 Mihran Kalaydjian Playing On Piano
  {Tribute to My Parents Melody}


My Family

 { Tribute to My Parents}

Mihran Kalaydjian Playing ” Tribute to My Parents Melody” 
Written by Swila Bathool
Melody: Tribute to My Parents Melody
Producer: Samer Khoury & Sami Abdo
Location: San Diego, La Jolla
Recording & arrangement: Paramount Studios

A Tribute To My Parents

Guider to light, you are to me
You opened my eyes to what I see
You taught me that the salt is taken from the sea
You taught me, how to make the devils flea

You showed me the right way
You didn’t bother me falling even in a bay
But lent your hands and helped me say
Failure is the stepping stone to success you may

Poured in me the pure inner light
You showed me how to reach into height
Pray and obey the Lord of Might
Taught me what to do before my Flight

You showed me to choose the right one
You encouraged me even in fun
Build my talents, and even then run
To tighten the ties and get them done

You said no to what is wrong
Scolded me not to keep it along
Didn’t stop me from singing a song
To be patient and the way is long

I am the most dutiful one to you
Helped to build my character, by giving the clue
Taught me failure and how to get through
As a toddler, you repeated to me that the sky is blue.
Love you O my dear Parents!

© 2014 Paramount Studios  All Rights Reserved



      1. What a wonderful story about your parents!! I can understand why during Victorian times people often relaxed after dinner with someone playing the piano – or similar instrument. So relaxing!

  1. Mihran, What a tribute to your parents & everyone’s parents who nurtured them as yours to be what God truly had in mind for our destiny!!! An enchanting melody, performance recording, & lyric that pay great homage to your parents! Phil

  2. Lovely lyrics and beautiful music! Thank you for sharing and stopping by my blog.

    Did you mention earlier you wanted to be on my blog? If you do, please put together some information and background about yourself and your music and I will review it.

    Best wishes!

    1. Dear Julia – I feel with you from my bottom of heart. Your words have touched me with tears. I almost lost my parents in car accident in London, that was their anniversary surviving from the accident! May God Bless you and I appreciate your words!

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