A Piano Interview with Mihran “Mino” Kalaydjian
A Piano Interview with Mihran “Mino” Kalaydjian


  1. I was so excited to see two of my favorite artists posting together. Your music is ethereal and Cecilia’s writing is strong and profound; hence, I enjoyed this interview immensely. I am happy to learn more about the man behind the gift with your radio-blog interview and now this one. I am thrilled that more and more people are learning of your music because each heart it touches will transform the world. Blessings upon you Mihran.

  2. Good interview. How much does the audience’s feedback impact your interpretation of the music? If the audience didn’t like an element of your performance (strictly to do with interpretation), would you change it for them or stay true to yourself?

    1. Wow – Thank you for our kind and warm thoughts. The audience are important factor in the interpretation of my music. I have a high profile of professionals guide me through the necessary change to meet with what my fans like to hear. I have a deep respect and sincere appreciation. Sometimes I stay true to myself!

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