7 thoughts on “Ten Things You Need to Know About Arabs

  1. I appreciate you honesty and truth. Christians are very much loved and respected by Muslims and from beginning.I strongly agree that ignorance is not bliss rather curse. it only creates negativity and misunderstanding. All human beings are children of Adam and Even so brothers and sister. why hate or discriminate just beacuse of faith, color and land. Love all hate now for Almighty is Love

  2. I thank you very much for your rich answer and vision, I appreciate it! We should all respect each other and enjoy to cherish each other…THANK YOU!!

  3. Wonderful share… and I agree so many ignorant people who judge the whole by the few… And there are so many good people out there..
    What is lacking is Unconditional Love.. as we stop our judging, and condemning, Each of us has to look within and clear out those dark pockets of thoughts we each harbour.. As we point our fingers and put labels upon others..

    I have just written a poem condemning war.. and the killing of innocent children.. There is a fraction of evil out there who spread their hate and evil ways by using fear..

    LOVE overcomes HATE.. and LIGHT will overcome DARK…

    Many thanks for re-sharing this post ..

    Blessings Sue

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