12 thoughts on “The Angel Olivia

  1. Your daughter is beautiful 🙂 So sweet how you captured such a lovely moment in time with her unaware. The light in the room was particularly nice as well. The video would not play for me unfortunately.

      1. Good Evening Melissa – I am touched by your words and sincere thoughts, I am very blessed. May God Bless you and your family and cherish every moment. Here is my email: kmihran@hotmail.com

        I look forward to hearing from you,

        Blessings and health,


  2. Dear dear Mino …how very generous and kind of you … Thankyou . Mino , I don’t know how I missed your last few posts ( this happened with some others too that I follow ) …I must get caught up as I so enjoy your music and artistry , always touching and beautiful …love xxxmeg

      1. I have the grandchildren now. They keep me young now. Kids are the future and they give us reasons to work hard and know joy and happiness. You are welcome.

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