Waipio Valley

Waipio Valley



Today , this day today

this still life of mine astray

a table trance of bowl and knife

the China cup with teabag edging

its water lucid yesterday

a roque rolling wave

from Kamaloas lost sea

where fish swarm from arched waters warm

abound the ancient valley with royal bodies furious .

hovering tween the terrible turmoil

birds circling with no control

a flying machine about to fall injurious .

my mind breaking its shell

a feather drops from the wind

this lush valley to live in .

the lover kissing my neck a holy shiver

over the face of creations water , the place God knows

Behold the mark of archangel Raziel .


Do you know how old the wind is

five hundred thousand years long so curious .

come upstairs with me my love

to the golden wall where a door now stands whether

it did not before…

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