The Same Place



I kiss you

with a mouth

of river hurricane

the fiddle she gave you

crushed by my wild waves .

you took her

to this same place

the crown of Lake Superior

her wedding veil


you did not see

deception in her curls

destroying you .

I am not another

with her eyes blind

I wonder do you

hear my accordion

the one I don’t

even know how to play .


You took me

to another same place

your heart cuts wonder

into my breath

the sigh of

your names together

carved like burning

tatoos into Cedar towns

storage barn


my words to silence

my dress of purple moaning

falls from the

branches of my shoulder

snapped by her sly scent

of flowers when crushed

that reside in wounds

you cannot hide .


the gods descent

watch me fall apart

walk on , walk on

I wonder do…

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11 thoughts on “The Same Place

  1. Mihran, how supportive of you to reblog Meg’s incredible poem. I follow and commented on her post. The photos she chose embellished the words beautifully. I think you’d agree, it’s a powerful poem! Christine

  2. How very powerful, the images the entire presentation here speaks to the human condition, our inner selves. Thank you for sharing, and also thank you for the radio offer you made on my blog. I clicked on the link and it looks amazing. I would love to discuss it further.

    1. Hi Silvia, I very much appreciate your comments and follow up, this means a lot to me. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss it further.

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