TO MY PRINCESS –  I Will Not Die

Stay or go
I cant stand it anymore.
You must know – me or her.
You are wavering and that hurts.

I will not die when you leave me,
I will not cry you can believe me.
Night after night I am waiting for you,
Night after night I am longing for you –
For your touch, for your love.

Stay or go
You need us both, I know.
Shes your wife, thats true,
But Im not made to share my love with her.

I will not die when you leave me,
I will not cry you can believe me.
Night after night I am waiting for you,
Night after night I am longing for you –
For your touch, for

33 thoughts on “TO MY PRINCESS – I Will Not Die

  1. That is a masterpiece, Mihran. That song goes right inside. The style reminds me to Frank Duval. But of course never with your professionality.

    1. Thank you Erika – I very much appreciate for your words, compliments…I appreciate and I thank you from my bottom of my heart;)

  2. Mihrank – A haunting celebration of love. It’s so easy to close my eyes and see the scene played out across a world class stage or as a haunting melody as the feature song in a love story. I hadn’t heard this song before and now I’ve listened 8 times. I want to add it to a playlist of love songs. She sings with such conviction in her voice, there’s no doubting the pain, the emotion, the want and desire in her voice. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful voice and the song with us. Bravo to you and your wonderful cast of talented friends.

  3. Armenians are both very musical and sensual people. I used to know two Armenians, and it is what I learned 🙂 Thank you for sharing your music!

  4. A touchingly heart rendering beautiful Song.. One that I am sure for many will touch a cord within their own hearts..
    Amazing Music, beautiful voice and Wonderful Lyrics..
    I am always in admiration of your Musical Talents Mihrank…

    Thank you and wishing you and yours a wonderful week..

  5. Mihran, How wonderful that your recent “Like” on my recent post on “The Wright Brothers” book by David McCullough brought me to your website
    to visit & say thank you! –Because now I have heard your wonderful “I Will Not Die.” “TO MY PRINCESS” must be a dedication to your Queen , your lovely wife! –Another marvelous addition to your body of work. Forgive my infrequent online activity, for life must happen sometime to give life to what we share & take in online. You know! I marvel at busy, multi talented diverse Renaissance people like you, from family to business to the arts!!! Perhaps it is energy & age…at my 68 years. People tell me I am energetic & so active, & all I see is what I am not getting to do….plus new ideas never pursued. We could have a wonderful conversation! My chef son has moved on from his restaurant to a national food services corporation! Always my best wishes for you & your family. Phil from

    1. Dear Phil,

      Please accept my sincerest apologies for not responding earlier to your message. I have now words to reply to you, your words is made of Golden Ink and magical. I would like to extend my deepest appreciation and gratitude for sharing your family story, I always consider it valuable and a gift. I am glad for your son and wish him always the best of success.

      Phil, your generation is the best school for us to learn and respect. I have a deepest appreciation for your stories, you deliver a message and important experience to us

      May God bless you and keep you health and much happiness with family.

      Thank you;

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