To the Children


To you, the children…may you grow wise and strong–strong of heart.

With clarity and purpose may you learn well to care for her on whose back you walk…Mother Earth.

Even now, it is we who learn from you, as we watch you grow.
You forgive so quickly, and you love so unconditionally.

The light of spirit shines so brightly within you.

May you cultivate these things as you grow to become the leaders of tomorrow.

May you learn to live in harmony with one another, that your world may be a world of peace.

22 thoughts on “To the Children

  1. Despite our ignorance and often unintentional abuse of her, she still nurtures and shapes to accommodate our needs.
    What a beautiful reminder dear friend, beautiful!

  2. Dear Mihrank and Eland, seeing as this video is for children I ask you to pray for my daughter whom has breast cancer and it has spread to her bones and it is 4th stage.. I am just sick.. I am trying to get my mind off it.. its not working. Bless the both of you and your children.. I will share this beautiful video..

    1. Dearest Sherri – I am speechless and full of pain, after reading your daughter is going through 4 stage of cancer. Please let me know if I can be further assistance. She is in our prayer and thoughts…Always stay strong, I believe in miracle…God bless you all

      1. I just can’t believe it… doesn’t look good but she will have a pet scan to see how far it spread but that will take time before she gets that.. thank you for your prayers so much

      2. Having a pet scan is on of the most advanced medical exam to be better identify which treatment is next – please stay strong..

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