The Happiest and Healthiest Beach Towns in America

News flash: Being near the beach is good for you (says science!). But, according to a report, some beach towns might actually be better for your health than others. Gallup-Sharecare polled more than 337,000 people across the country on their life satisfaction—from physical well-being to the amount of time they spend worrying—and it seems saltwater therapy might actually pay off (plus a margarita every now and then—that helps, too!). Of the top 25 cities with the highest well-being, 10 of them are on the coast. See which beach towns made the cut:

10. Crestview – Fort Walton Beach Destin, Florida 

Beach umbrellas and deck chairs on beach, Destin, Florida, USA

4 thoughts on “The Happiest and Healthiest Beach Towns in America

  1. Good to know the benefits of living near oceans! Carlsbad made the list! There are other beautiful beaches around San Diego! Thanks, Mihran! Happy Weekend! 📚Christine

  2. I’ve been in Barnstable and Santa Barbara. Equally beautiful in their own way.

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