Dark Eyes By Mihran Kalaydjian on Piano

Pianist Player & Directed by Mihran “Mino” Kalaydjian
Music: Dark Eyes

Dark eyes, burning eyes
Passionate and splendid eyes
How I love you, How I fear you
Verily, I saw you at a sinister hour

Dark eyes, flaming eyes
They implore me into faraway lands
Where love reigns, where peace reigns
Where there is no suffering, where war is forbidden

If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t be suffering so
I would have lived my life smiling
You have ruined me, dark eyes
You have taken my happiness away forever

New Album coming soon!!

3 thoughts on “Dark Eyes By Mihran Kalaydjian on Piano

  1. Sheri – I’m humbled beyond belief. I am so flattered – and you are giving me a much needed boost. Where do you reside? I will have the honor to invite you and your husband to our next concert. We are currently in the last stages and tune to our CD.

    My parents get married 45 years ago because of the piano. My father is a conductor and my mother is Folk dance instructor. I look forward to hearing from you.

    I wish you a joyful, cheerful and a good health.

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