My Heart Blossoms

My Heart Blossoms

Lorrie Bowden

20140524_113018       20140524_113108

Directly to my heart

the arrow of love pierces my being

the feeling is strong and overwhelming

due to its long absence

but I accept it

I caress it

I honor it

Gone are the dark days

where my first thought was one of guilt

look back on a life

and be responsible for everyone


and the funny thing is that I WAS responsible

just not in the way I thought I was

Now it’s hard to believe the way I berated myself

mistreated myself

mistreated God

for how could I dishonor one of his children

it ran deep

deep in the veins of my soul

I did not even recognize the person who took over

the tyrant with a stick

to beat down anything that was beautiful

anything that was true

I can cry now

and see the wrongness of it all

and I can rejoice now


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