Que Sera and Stuff

Que Sera and Stuff

Jo Robinson

This harsh bug-busting diet I’ve been on has taken me down a bit. Quite a bit actually, which is why I haven’t been around the interweb so much lately. I like to think that I’m getting better in small stages, but this is obviously a process that just has to follow its course. It’s amazing the effect on your body what you put in your mouth can have. I’m not giving it up, and I’ll just have to get on with whatever new and interesting symptoms that pop up when they do. I’m feeling really blurgh and feverish right now though, so I’m going to have to forgo my usual zooming for the next couple of days, and try and get back to normal.

I had no choice but to surface to fetch Angus from the airport. It’s only a hundred odd kilometres away, so not normally a big deal…

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