Lorrie Bowden


My mind plays a time when we were young and carefree

We chased our dreams into the deadend that became my life

The hollow abyss

With no emotions

No yearnings

No feelings

No thoughts of a better time

Deeper and deeper I dug a hole in the consciousness of my evolution

The deeper you fall the harder you land

The longer the ride to the top

Drive forward…raise up

Don’t slip back

Like a roller coaster catching gears

The fear grips me

To know that there is the magnificent life I have missed

Brings a tear of sadness

That permeates my soul

I cry for the lost time

I weep for the lost child

But I don’t stay there long

Climb the ladder of the day

Of my life

I was cradled in His love the whole time

For how could I know who I was until I knew who…

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