Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions

Mohit Tiwari

Where i will find answers of
Questions which keep bubbling in my soul
And has stolen peace of my mind?
Why some people are born to suffer,
And why on some people god is so kind?

Why some people suffer in love,
Even when they practice it in its purest form?
Why there is no hand for their recue,
And why even their family turn their back and makes silly excuse?

Why pain is brimming and love is so little in life,
And why sometimes even love is just a disguised wile?
Why our mind refuses to forget,
What makes our heart throb at an abnormal pace?

Why soul is trapped in fleshy coat,
And keeps writhing because of mundane desires,
And why we are even born and get traumatized,
And one day we ultimately die with damp eyes?



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