Life Above The Mat – red roses

Life Above The Mat – red roses

Life With Catnip

Life above the Laundry-O-Mat
At the Suds and Duds,
It can be interesting,
Occasionally enough.

I live above the Mat,
But not for long, I hope.

I met my boyfriend, Jim Bob there
Said he needed to do a load,
And so I chatted back,
He washed with me at the mat.

It’s been a year now
Still going stronger than ever,
Hoping for more of him, maybe,
Because he keeps emailing back,
He sext me good too.

He gave me a dozen red roses today
And I said, “What do you think I am,”
Do you want to get some in return,
I said; Or something like that?

So I told him, at the Laundry- o-mat,
“Hey Jim Bob, “Don’t come here,
Looking for none of that.” I said.

“Check out the lost and found,
If your missing something,
You might just find it there,
It’s where we met…

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