Song for Amon-Re

Life With Catnip


It come from his heart,
Blood from his hand,
Red velvet crimson, thin,
His body made of glass,
So fragile and led astray,
So damaged with eyes unable to see
Reflected time… his life,
Fading away.

Amon-Re sang this weary song of love
The last time, the melody is lost,
Lyrics were forgotten, heartbroken,
Boundaries were crossed, betrayed.

He lay dying there upon the red
Torn between wrong and right,
Every dream he ever had, broken
When he ended his life for love,
One night.

Goodnight, my weary king,
Rest now, your journey has ended.


Inspired by “The Journal of Wall Grimm”
Amon-Re, A Novel
A fictional journal written by SAGE DOYLE

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