My Writing Space

My Writing Space

Carol Balawyder

I began the series on Writers’ Desks with my desk and am ending it (for now) by sharing with you my writing spaces.

First, I want to give a warm recognition to Eamonn McCabe for allowing me to use his photos of famous writers’ desks. Without his photos I never would have had this series. So, thank you Mr. McCabe.

I wish I still had the stories i wrote on my first typewriter.

Vintage Toy Typewriter (1950's)

I then graduated to my father’s Smith-Corona in my own Waldon’s Pond  cabinOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I keep this photo on the wall of my office as a reminder that I have come a long way.

A poster of Virginia Woolf from a summer doing research in the Bloomsbury district of London, Virginia’s stomping ground.


To remain open, a quote from E.M. Forster on my wall.

My bulletin board has motivational thoughts pinned unto it.  “A good story is one…

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