Thinking Aloud: How Much Do You Know About the Palestinians?

Thinking Aloud: How Much Do You Know About the Palestinians?

Not What You Might Think

August 4, 2014 by Darius

Obviously, Palestine is very much in the news right now.  Whether or not you’ve been following recent reports out of Gaza, how much do you actually know about Palestine and its people?  The Christian Science Monitor has a quiz that lets you find out.  It covers everything Palestinian, from politics to history to food.

Here’s the first question:

Which of the following is not a popular Palestinian culinary staple?*



_Doner kebab


There are 25 questions in total, with explanations for all the answers.

You can find the quiz at

*Doner kebab is Turkish (quite similar to a gyro or shawarma).  The other three are Palestinian staples: maqluba is a layered meat, vegetable, and rice dish; hummus is a chickpea-based spread; and labeneh is “a yogurt-like cheese often served with olive oil.”

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4 thoughts on “Thinking Aloud: How Much Do You Know About the Palestinians?

  1. All I truly know is this. I’ve met a couple of Palestinians on my travels in life and they were wonderful people. I go with what I know. Bugger the rest.

    1. Hello Kev – Our main problem is not with the Palestinians. The Palestinians are educated and they work hard. Our Problem is with Hamas because of their military ideology, they are destroying the structure of Gaza. It is our right to reply back to them.

      1. Yes, but they are the ones that get caught in the middle of it all and have to suffer the consequences of Hamas’ and Israel’s actions/reactions. In this day and age, one would think that we’d be civilized enough to sit around a table and negotiate/argue whatever. Anything, but what they do… which (and I dare add) they have been doing for thousands of years (it is the same people warring against each other) What the hell? Time to progress, people! 21st century and all that.

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