Mihran Kalaydjian with his Musical Band Mino Performing ” Habibi I Love You”

Mihran Kalaydjian with his Musical Band Mino Performing ” Habibi I Love You”

The song in English & Arabic Languages



Special Guest PitBull

– Habibi I Love You

Music Arrangement – Mino & Ahmad

Produced By RedOne


La Jolla – San Diego

Special Guest – Pitbull


Members of the Musical Group:


Aram Kasabian – Lead Guitar

Sevan Manoukian –  Drummer

Hratch Panossian – Bass

Samer Khoury – Violin

Tony Amer – Saxophone

Haim Cohen – KeyBoard

Albert Panikian – Trumpet

Nicole Del Sol – Percussion

Dana Debos – Trombone




My love, I love you,

I need you,

My love sing for me and keep me with you,

My love, I love you,

I need you, my love,

Make me melt in the fire of your love,


The first time I saw you, I changed completely,

I felt something different, I didn’t know what was wrong with me,

Just by seeing you I loved you and wanted you to be mine,

To live…my life with you,

You captured my heart, drove my soul,

You took my soul and turned my life around,

Everything about you is precious,



My love, no, no,

It’s a sin for you to leave me by myself,

I lose sleep because I’m worried about you,


I play this game closely

For the bread and butter huh!

Yeah they try to toast me

I’m married to the game

But the game don’t love me

Hey don’t leave me in a heartbeat

That’s why I’m cold-blooded

When I say I love you,I mean it deeply

I can’t see life without you living with me

And if you love someone I know you feel me

When I say before they take you they want to kill me

I’m talking they don’t have to arm me or maybe seal me

Yeah the world knows Pitbull babe you know the real me

I play any hand that deal me

So tell that dealer he gon’ have that deal with me

even when you don’t I’mma hunt you like a Chris Webber

time out final fall!

So til’ the sky comes crushing down

World falls apart

’til death do us part

You’re my heart for so!


I was living my life and all of a sudden it changed,

I am unable to be without you,

You are the cause of my insanity and love,

Calm me down,

You are the only thing I need,

From you this is all I ask for,

I just want you to light up my world,

Just me and you together,



My love, no, no

It’s a sin for you to leave me by myself,

I lose sleep because I’m worried about you.

44 thoughts on “Mihran Kalaydjian with his Musical Band Mino Performing ” Habibi I Love You”

  1. I absolutely loved it. Uplifting and the water and sky…yes…loved it. May I re-blog on your behalf? I’m not sure if ever I have. If you aren’t comfortable with re-blogs, I understand.

    1. My pleasure Belinda – This clip in La Jolla San Diego. I am honored and humbled of you to re-blog, please feel free. I bow and thank you;)

  2. Hey Mihran…..totally enjoyed the video….didn’t understand the language but could understand the feeling ….as love has no language….poignant and sweet…wishes for many more and thanks for putting the lyrics in English Mr . Artist.

    1. Thank you Linda – This is part of our premium classical click album to be released very soon. I am glad and deeply appreciative with your warm compliments.

  3. I loved the story with the music. You went from stalker to lover. Very cool. She didn’t choose one of your transformations but she chose the real you. Nice!

  4. WOW, Mihran, that was phenomenal! You were the lead male vocalist, correct? Absolutely beautiful voice! I downloaded the video and watched several times, for it is a lovely, playful song of love and happiness. Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself with the world. I pray you find great success and that your music is heard worldwide. I am truly blown away by your talent. Blessings upon Mihran and your band.


  5. Mihrank, And to all I have seen & read on your blog about you, music too!!!!!!!!! “Habibi I Love You” is so excellent! Music is the soul of my life. You are a multi-talented, fantastic human being doing it all!!! Phil from excuseusfromliving.com

  6. Mihran, I saw this video a couple weeks ago and loved it. It is a nice surprise that you are following my blog now. Life works in mysterious ways. I wish you much success! I am going to reblog this to my followers.

    1. Karen – you have a great taste, I appreciate it – I am flattered and honored. You have powerful energy in your page and dynamic! Please let me know if I can be of help anything:) Pleasure meeting you:)

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