[POEM] 100%

[POEM] 100%



She isn’t…
But she handles
Her business
And that shit is sexy…
She’s a survivor
With a gift of gab
She Bad…
Bad meaning good
Cultured but
Know the hood…
The life of the party
Yet private and reserved…
She’s a leader…teacher…
Matriarch and preacher
When I need her…
She got my front
Middle, back all that
A lady…always
But in tuned with inner bitch
Steps in any room
And slays…
Leaves the kids
Stunned for days
Stalkers and fans prey
And pray for her attention
But it’s me that’s
Getting it…
Even if it is innocent…
She’s giving me

Billie Simone © 2014
Original Artwork by Lovie Olivia

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