POEM: “friends don’t kiss on the mouth”

POEM: “friends don’t kiss on the mouth”


i know you knew i liked you
loved you
even though i wasn’t supposed to
and we probably
shouldn’t have been
talking on the phone
so much
or having candlelit dinners
and picnic lunches
you shouldn’t have
kissed me back
when i finally
found the nerve to
kiss you
or let me do those things
your man
wouldn’t or couldn’t do
i guess i tripped and fell
between your legs
my face
in that place
i love to smell
and taste…

but i couldn’t help it…

i fell in love
with you…

and i know that’s a
thing that “friends”
just don’t do…

but “friends”
don’t kiss on the mouth

they don’t bump
pussies either………….

Billie Simone © 1996

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