Stand Up

Stand up!

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Stand up!

Those two words can mean several different things in the dictionary.

remain/be valid, be sound, be plausible, hold water, hold up, stand questioning, survive investigation, bear examination, be verifiable

We might also stand up for a cause, like the power of a simple hug. Or we might stand up for ourselves. Andy Avis did in Episode-14 of Three Ingredients Cookbook-2, when he defied the formidable Granny Fanny.  In my  novel Atonement, TennesseeRalda Lawton stands up for herself as well as she can when faced with foes who have overwhelming magical powers.Fashion model trips

Or, sometimes we simply need to physically stand up! I’ve read several times that many people cannot get up from the floor without help — whether or not they have fallen, no matter their age or their health.  This post is not about aging. It’s about standing up, metaphorically and standing up to the challenge of well……

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