Thank You for always believing in me.  I wanted personally to let you know how gratifying it was to receive your kind note of support and encouragement. Your example is a wonderful lesson to us all.

Please accept my sincere thanks.


special Thank YOU



Giving compliments is a magical thing that makes people smile and feel happy.  Again, please accept my sincere thanks. 


Please remember to believe in your dreams and also yourself. If you just believe in yourself and your dreams you can move mountains.


Love you all, Stay happy and Safe!


God Bless you all,





  1. Beautiful music. I rarely listen to more than a few seconds of blog audios, but enjoyed this one to the end particularly with the great added pictures.

  2. Dearest Mihran,

    Your work is worthy of far more than compliments. Your music has an ethereal sound that captivates the listener. Both you and your sister’s voices are beautiful and enchanting. I posted a reply on face book of the wonderful tango piece you performed together. It was simply beautiful. I love that dance (to watch it) as it is filled with passion, love, and strength and your rendition of it was truly outstanding. Human language cannot adequately describe your music as it is something one might expect to hear beyond Heaven’s gates. Bravo sir and thank you and your sister for sharing your gifts with the world.

    1. Dearest Tina – May the blessing of God be upon you … May God keep you safe when you are in danger. May God guide you in the way of Love.May God surround you with loving care, always and forever.

      On Behalf of my family,I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder

    1. Lorrie – If you were attending one of my concerts, I will have a dance with you:) You change my day with your positive compliments:)

  3. The music is uplifting and I want to join in the dance. Your sister has an angelic voice (I wish I understood the words). Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this piece <3

    1. Thank you Lulu for your kindness and warm notes, I sincerely appreciate it! My sister & myself thank you. Please accept our invitation to join us. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. We’ve never met in person but I can tell what a glowing soul you are! We need more bloggers like you! :))) Thanks for being a true inspiration, Mihran!

      1. What a fantastic comment – I have a big smile on my face! I am honored to know you and I will keep in touch – thank you for your email.

        So many people are inspired by you and that number is growing every day. Keep on doing what you’re doing, enjoy your beautiful family, and know that you are truly making a positive difference in our world with your music, your blog and through commenting on others’ blogs with such encouragement!

        be well, dear soul! Dyane 🙂

      2. “A sincere attitude of gratitude is a beatitude for secured altitudes. Appreciate what you have been given and you will be promoted higher.”

        “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

        Music was my therapy – “Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” I am alive!

        May God Bless you Dyane, I look forward to hearing from you and have the honor to invite a guest honor. Let your day cherish and smile.


  5. Mihran, MINO!!!!!!!!! Love your nickname!!! You are blessed with such a wonderful following of people in your world audience! Your thank you note is so sincere & simple, touching people. That family photo is dynamite, full of love!!! You must be so proud! And the video with your sister is filled with so many things to praise from the music, the singing, to the lyrics, & graphics…..entrancing tango!!!! Bravo, Mino!!!!!!! Phil from

    1. Good Afternoon Phil – You have such a magic in writing and showing a sincere appreciation. You have a magical ink will change the color to diamond words. I am humbled and speechless. I am gratified by your appreciation, compliments and respect. Yes, I am lucky I am surrounded by family members, relatives and friends will bless me.

      I wish you from my bottom of my heart health, joy and happiness.



  6. Dear Mino, you are so welcome. What a lovely way to thank us. Absolutely adore your family photo. Thank you for sharing your music. Both you and your sister have beautiful voices. God bless you for all that you do.

    1. Dear Kitt – I wish you a joyful and delightful shinning Saturday – Let this weekend brings much more dynamic energy and smiles. I thank you for your motivational and warm words. THANK YOU!

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