The ELITE Versatile Blogger Award by Incredible Kim Gosselin


Please allow me to share my sincerest appreciation and gratitude. Just wanted to let you know that I was  nominated by Kim Gosselin for the  ELITE  Versatile Blogger Award. 

I am honored and humbled  Kim Gosselin receive and accept your award.

The main reason for my accepting my own nomination was to recognize some of the very lovely souls and blogs out there, and share them with others. I completely understand if you don’t resonate with following the guidelines, and/or don’t have the time to do so.

You’re still someone I want to honor! Much love, Kim

I had every heartfelt intention of accepting this lovely award long ago.  Within days of receiving it however, my bowl of life began to overflow with commitments.  Lorrie understood, telling me to, “Take my time.”  No matter now many days passed, her kind heart full of love and appreciation was never far from my mind.

I am most grateful to accept this terrific award from Lorrie, a special person to many here at WordPress.  If you haven’t had the chance to get to know her, please visit her beautiful blog at,

Thank you for being part of this wonderful blogging universe, and I’m looking forward to reading your posts!

Kim – I have no words, speechles – May God Bless you




31 thoughts on “The ELITE Versatile Blogger Award by Incredible Kim Gosselin

  1. Congratulations and Thank you for showcasing many other Bloggers on your website. You’ve given unselfish promotion to many an emerging Blogger. Sharing is caring. You are appreciated!!

      1. I looked it up online. I’ve forgotten the little bit of Hebrew I learned in seminary before I quit my studies. I did enjoy studying it. In seminary we were encouraged to learn to read the religious texts in their original languages.

      1. Such a lovely reply, Mihran – this is a Thanksgiving gift to me, my friend. I’m so honored to be connected with someone gifted and kind like you! 🙂

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