Greatest Monday Rambles – One Lovely Blog Award

Please allow me to share my sincerest appreciation and gratitude. Just wanted to let you know that I was  nominated by Nish Pal  for the Monday Rambles – One Lovely Blog Award. I am honored and humbled  Nish Pal receive and accept your award.

Mihran of Mihran Kalaydjian ” Mino Piano Melodies”: Talented artist and man who is never miserly when it comes to encouraging and complimenting other bloggers and artists..a lovely person.


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The purpose of the Award:

Monday is here, the beginning of a new week. Since Monday is all about Keeping It Short and Simple ( my version of KISS) and since this blog is called ‘The Showcase’ guess its time I revealed an award that has been standing proudly on my imaginary blog mantlepiece for a couple of weeks. Its high time I thanked my fellow bloggers who nominated me for the award and so here I go –


Nishi, thank you so much for the nomination and kind words. May God Bless you, let your future shine with health, joy and success.


Respectfully, Miran




25 thoughts on “Greatest Monday Rambles – One Lovely Blog Award

  1. More Congratulations are in order. You are living proof that by being a Blessing you will be Blessed. I know and see through you how traffic to my Blog has increased and I’ve met many other fabulous poets and photographers because you share talent. Thank you!!

    1. Please accept my apologies for not responding earlier to your kind compliments and thoughts, it is always a pleasure to hear from you!

    1. Kalisha – Please allow to thank you for your sincerest compliments, you touched me. You have such a powerful topics, Are you preparing for your new book? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

      1. Oh thank you so much as well for reading my blog! It means a lot because my heart is here, as blogs are a manifestation of writer’s discipline as well as passion to write for little to no gain. Yes I am hoping to be able to offer a new book to the world as soon as possible, and preparing myself to let it go and let it be to begin that process. I will definitely post updates! Peace and many blessings, Kalisha

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