Love at First Sight – The Real Truth

Love at First Sight – The Real Truth

By: Mihran “Mino”

Do you believe in love at first sight? Many people have varying degrees of acceptance when it comes to this kind of love because, quite frankly,  it’s rather shallow. But what does one feel when they experience this? Matt Preston reveals the truth.


As cliché as love at first sight may sound, it’s truly an experience of a lifetime.

Falling in love in an instant

I remember the first time I experienced love at first sight.

I was in my eighth grade, just a little boy sitting in an audience, watching a theatrical play at an interschool competition.

I was mildly fascinated, look at all the new faces in the crowd, from different schools. As I scanned the full hall, my eyes saw a girl I had never seen before.

She was sitting a couple of seats to my left, and she was beautiful, divine.

Barely did I see her face for a few seconds and my world stopped for a moment, and everything blurred into oblivion, everything but her beautiful face.

A moment later, she turned towards me and looked back at me. Our eyes met and at that moment, in an instant beyond time frames, I came face to face with a new emotion.

It was overwhelming in all senses of the word.

My stomach jolted and twisted in coils and I wanted to throw up. My body heated up instantly like I was experiencing spontaneous human combustion, and I felt dizzy and numb.

But yet, with all these horrible emotions flowing through me, I felt deliriously happy. And I felt so light, like I could fly, no, like I could just turn into mist and poof!


When our eyes met

Our eyes met for what seemed like eternity, or perhaps just a second or two in reality, and I just had to look away. I don’t know why, but if I had stared any longer I would have thrown up [Read: The secret behind the first glance]. It was a perfect blend of ecstasy and fear. My adrenalin was pumping and my heart was beating so hard I could feel my tongue vibrating in sync.

Within moments, I realized I was addicted to her. I just had to look back at her and stare at that beautiful face. I couldn’t help thinking God must have been high when he created her. She was beyond an inspiration.

I kept glancing at her nervously, taking in as much of her as I could, but it was never enough. I was craving to see her face, like a man gasping for air at a high altitude. And every now and then, when our eyes met, I had a relapse of stomach jolts and intoxication. [Read: Law of attraction in love]

This happened back and forth for almost an hour, and with each passing minute, I was drawn deeper and deeper into this experience.


first sight love


What happened next?

Well, love at first sight was a good start. But falling in love immediately also makes you lose your senses. I tried talking to her that day, but I was a nervous wreck.

She turned me down, and I never did see her ever again [Read: What to talk about on a date]. But that first memory of experiencing love was so intense that I can still visualize it like it happened just yesterday, even though that incident probably took place close to two decades ago. [Read: Short loves stories]

But now I know why I experienced such emotions and felt that way towards that girl. Frankly, it wasn’t my fault, because there’s more to love at first sight than meets the eye!

Evolution and love at first sight

Over the course of human evolution, we’ve progressed and evolved to become better at a few things that really matter. We’ve learnt to eat, procreate and survive.

And there are a lot of complex processes that subconsciously set things into motion when these three things that really matter enter the picture. When it comes to procreation, evolution has taught us how to fall in love, get sexually excited by someone, and desire someone passionately. [Read: The meaning of love]

Falling in love at first sight

All of us have created a subconscious mental image of our potential partner. When we walk into a room, without really realizing it, you’ll find yourself liking a few potential partners and not bothering with a few.

And at times, a potential partner whom you are attracted to may start warming up to you or get attracted to you too. So does love at first sight work? It most definitely does!


Science playing matchmaker

Not all of us fall in love within seconds. It has been seen in studies that men are more prone to falling in love immediately than women. It seems like men are more stimulated by visual appeal than women. On the other hand, women experience romantic chemistry a lot better than men. [Read: Chemistry in love]

What does that mean? Men know they like a woman the very second they see her. But in the case of women, they usually fall in love with someone after the first conversation.

Kissing secrets, body odor and love

Did you know that your first kiss can affect your chemistry in love too? Studies have shown that the exchange of saliva can also be a test for love. Every time you kiss, genes of major histocompatibility complex [MHC] get exchanged between two people, and if your genes share too many similarities, you might actually get turned off and lose the attraction, says Dr. Claus Weekend at the University of Edinburg.

And it’s not just the kiss, your body odor too can predict whether you will experience love at first sight.

Subconsciously, all of us are drawn to certain scents in our partner’s bodies. Did you get a whiff of true love when you’re rubbing shoulders at a party? You’re definitely going to experience love at first sight that night.

Beyond the science of love

Leaving how science plays matchmaker apart, falling in love or experiencing love at first sight can be a beautiful sensation. While our pheromones, genes and body odors are hard at work in the background, all we experience in our mind are intense highs and delirious moments like a junkie high on coke.

Instead of worrying about whether it’s going to work out or not, leave the soothsaying questions to evolution. If both of you find yourselves getting attracted to each other when you meet for the first time, there’s a very good chance that evolution has handpicked a perfect match.

So watch out for this elusive kind of love. What follows may or may not be perfect, but that first flutter of butterflies in the stomach is truly something that makes falling in love at first sight one of the best experiences of a lifetime!

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62 thoughts on “Love at First Sight – The Real Truth

  1. Yes i belive love at first sight is a beautiful feeling but not sure relationships based on this feeling are longlasting. This love at first sight feeling i have experienced mostly during my teens 😊

  2. Yes I believe in love at first sight….i had so many people around me who experienced it for the best… Even if it doesn t mean you don t have to stay focused on your relationship….if one is lucky enough to experience it….he/she should act every day as if it was the first sight…the first day….to keep it beautiful…and grow it magic…

  3. I believe love is timing and luck . Two people in the right place, wanting the same things and not afraid of the emotion of love. Hard to do. Can happen? A great question in your blog today.

  4. I fell in love with my husband at first sight. I was 38 years old and had never been married. Many told me I was looking for an impossibility and that I should settle as they had. I stubbornly held on and when I saw him immediately knew he was the man I would marry. Luckily, he eventually came around to the same thought! Judy

    1. Judy – I am flattered – wow – I had to share your comments with my parents, they have been married for 43 years – that was also a love at first sight from Piano. It could happen so quickly and love can become stronger and grow. My father tells me the following: He always listen to my mother, compliment here, praise her, speak gently and simple language and honest! WOW

  5. Wow. Such helpful facts. Thanks for sharing.
    When a woman truly loves, her passion can beat a man’s. May be that’s because women are more towards the emotional side. Whilst love at first sight is not the forever kind of love. But attraction at first sight plays key role in evolving the ” forever kind of love”.
    thanks again for sharing this 🙂

  6. I experienced this feeling when I was 18 years old. I asked out the girl that time and what began as a infatuation led to a strong relationship of five years. Unfortunately, her father disagreed with the prospect of taking the relationship to the next level. My heart still has hope, but my mind has given up. This post has been written in a nice way, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I very much appreciate your comment and thoughts, you have such wonderful vision. I also visited your page, you have such great, elite post…I am glad to follow and explore.

  7. Thanks so much for this interesting take on falling in love at first sight, Mino! I do believe it can happen, providing other factors fall into place as others have stated, too. My husband and I met in our late twenties and I do remember that exciting spark. After a month of dating we both confirmed we had fallen in love and six months later, were married.
    In January, we’ll celebrate 26 years, so was it love at first sight? I don’t know, but it did happen quickly.:)

    We both feel that getting married later in life will lead to a better chance of a “forever” marriage and relationship. We both had dated and knew by that time what we wanted in a life partner. Let the early twenties be for dating others and living life so as you get a little older, you know what you want and what you don’t want. I think less divorces would happen if many followed this rule.

    That’s not to say that people who marry young can’t be happy and stay married. My sister is a rare example, 44 years and she and her husband married when they were 20. But I think the percentage is very small.

    My husband is my best friend to this day and we have a daughter, 23, and a son, 19, who are the best. We feel very blessed…

    My parents were married for 67 years when my Mom passed away and Dad is still living and driving around at 95. 🙂 My husband’s parents were married for 38 years before my mother-in-law passed away.

    Anyway, thanks again and I love your photo on your right side bar, very lovely! I hope it was okay calling you Mino, too. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year! Lauren

  8. Truly awesome insight here my friend, I do appreciate you and the work you are performing. Thank you for blessings my soul and our ministry in this past year. May you be filled with much love, joy and peace during this coming season. Happy New Year My Friend.

  9. I guess I am a romantic my friend. so yes I believe it can happen.. Love at first sight… You said “Instead of worrying about whether it’s going to work out or not, leave the soothsaying questions to evolution. If both of you find yourselves getting attracted to each other when you meet for the first time, there’s a very good chance that evolution has handpicked a perfect match.”…

    This is so true.. I do believe in destiny. and our energy bodies recognise each other.. Maybe this is the connection ( that electric shock ) that reverberates between two souls especially when they first meet..

    Like Lauren.. I have been married for a long while.. we celebrate our Ruby Wedding this year.. 🙂

    This was a wonderful read to start off my New Year..
    Happy New Year again my friend.. ‘Mino’ 🙂
    Bless you and Yours..

    1. Sue – I had to share your comments with my parents – as they fall in love from first sight where they both were playing the piano for the same choir, I learned falling in love and getting married during your time and before 20 years has a meaning and it was holy,

      I want to wish for you both of you a vibrant, positive, healthy and fun life together.

      I learned from your story and I appreciate it!

      1. Thank you Mino.. And would you please send on my good wishes to your parents.. For a Happy Healthy New Year…
        Love and Blessings.. and I am truly blessed with so many things which bring love to be the reason we all of us have chosen Life on Earth.. 🙂

  10. I became more selective as I entered high school, but in grade school I fell in love at first sight with a majority of the boys that came into sight! Unfortunately, most of them could run faster than me. One of the few that didn’t run got blinded (temporarily) when I squeezed a puffball in his face. Young love or infatuation comes and goes so easily.
    I enjoyed this post very much.

    1. wow – Thank you – what a beautiful thoughts of you, as they say ” Some of the greater things in life are unseen thats why you close your eyes when you kiss, cry, or dream

  11. This is a great post clearly illustrating another wonderful point upon your range of talents. I do not believe in love at first sight. I do believe in “lust at first sight”. Love has so many layers of complex feelings and thoughts that go so far beyond what the senses can absorb in a single glance. While body language can communicate volumes it is not until the souls, hearts, and minds meet do you consider whether it is true love you are feeling or whether lust has captured your senses. Love at first sight is a fairytale and often ends in heartache because relationships need so much more than love to grow strong and endure the challenges real love demands.

  12. Whether or not it’s love at first sight or simply a ‘definite interest,’ I don’t really know. I met my future husband in biology class and did not particularly like him. I had already made a list of what I wanted in my mate, and he did not meet most of them. Yet, I felt a strong attraction to him that made no sense to me. Did my body know something that my mind didn’t? Over the next few years we dated off and on. I never felt the same ‘interest’ with any other guy I dated. Shortly after I graduated from nursing school Jack asked me to marry him. Without hesitation I accepted. We will be celebrating our 46th wedding anniversary come April.

    1. wow – what a wonderful story to share, this is such valuable – I was deeply touched about your story. May both of you enjoy your journey together and bring joy and happiness!!

  13. Hi Mihrank! You have a great post here. Its a formidable read. You don’t stop until you get to the finish. I feel a little sad that your lovely girl just disappeared. It can pain, can’t it? I think love at first sight can work but one has to make sure. Such love could vanish just as it came; but it can also last. There must be some people who have succeeded and some who have failed. Love is definitely not all that matters. Other factors count. Thank you for this excellent post. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you for your kind and warm comments, this means a lot to me – I am inspired by your words and a great learning for me. I very much appreciate you stop by my blog. May God Bless and keep you in good health and spirit!

  14. YOu have described this beautifully. It’s not until you have experienced this, probably, that you believe it!
    It’s something that can never be forgotten. <3

  15. A very intriguing post on a profound topic! Love at first sight is a euphoric feeling, I believe hopelessly romantic people are prone to it. 🙂 The “true love kiss” has been the test of love and attraction ever since the prince kissed Sleeping Beauty.

    I see you wrote this in December, but it’s perfect for February! 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    <3 carmen

    1. Dearest Carmen – I deeply thank you for your warm words – Happy Valentine’s Day – Let your day shine under every star – I am touched and humbled:)

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