A Tear And A Smile

Mihran Kalaydjian – A Tear And A Smile – Poem by Khalil Gibran


I would not exchange the sorrows of my heart
For the joys of the multitude.
And I would not have the tears that sadness makes
To flow from my every part turn into laughter.

I would that my life remain a tear and a smile.

A tear to purify my heart and give me understanding
Of life’s secrets and hidden things.
A smile to draw me nigh to the sons of my kind and
To be a symbol of my glorification of the gods.

A tear to unite me with those of broken heart;
A smile to be a sign of my joy in existence.

I would rather that I died in yearning and longing than that I live Weary and despairing.

I want the hunger for love and beauty to be in the
Depths of my spirit,for I have seen those who are
Satisfied the most wretched of people.
I have heard the sigh of those in yearning and Longing, and it is sweeter than the sweetest melody.

With evening’s coming the flower folds her petals
And sleeps, embracingher longing.
At morning’s approach she opens her lips to meet
The sun’s kiss.

The life of a flower is longing and fulfilment.
A tear and a smile.

The waters of the sea become vapor and rise and come
Together and area cloud.

And the cloud floats above the hills and valleys
Until it meets the gentle breeze, then falls weeping
To the fields and joins with brooks and rivers to Return to the sea, its home.

The life of clouds is a parting and a meeting.
A tear and a smile.

And so does the spirit become separated from
The greater spirit to move in the world of matter
And pass as a cloud over the mountain of sorrow
And the plains of joy to meet the breeze of death
And return whence it came.

To the ocean of Love and Beauty—-to God.

37 thoughts on “A Tear And A Smile

  1. Mihran! Enchantment in all your music! My compliments as always! Just had a hernia operation this past week & your music is a comfort to me. Thank you for the “like” on my website story, “Repair & Replace, Part 3,” about my old 1885 Dutch Colonial house in New Jersey. We are fixing old things with the idea to sell it. Soon I will post Part 4 on the latest big repairs! Best wishes to you & both our families as they grow up & we grow old!!! Phil

    1. Good Morning Philip –

      Happy Saturday! May God Bless you and your family, I hope and wish you for a great recovery and health. I am awaiting to read your post part 4 on the latest big repairs.

      Thank you for your kind and generous warm words, May the joy and smile be with you.

  2. Oh, Mihrank, I found you here. Thank you for share my post on you Facebook. It’s very kind of you. You poem is so lovely and touching. I love it. I want to get more of your post, so you have my follow!

  3. Wonderful and poetic
    The music together with your words make me nearly cry.
    Best wishes

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