Mihran Kalaydjian Playing One Akriti (Image)

Mihran Kalaydjian Playing One Akriti (Image)

Mihran Kalaydjian And His Element Band Playing One Akriti (Image)

Song: One Akriti (Image)
Label: Alligator Records
Executive Producer: Elias Khoury
Director: Bedros ZADORIAN
Location: Del Mar, CA


Mino Element Band Members

Aram Kasabian – Lead Guitar
Sevan Manoukian – Drummer
Hratch Panossian – Bass
Samer Khoury – Violin
Tony Amer – Saxophone
Haim Cohen – KeyBoard
Albert Panikian – Trumpet
Nicole Del Sol – Percussion
Dana Debos – Trombone


There are a thousand dreams
In this world to be turned into reality
There are a thousand souls
In this world seeking the way to spirituality

There are a thousand doors
In this world unlocking the most promising creations
There are a thousand roads
In this world leading to desired destinations

There are a thousand hearts
In this world beating for whom they admire
There are a thousand ambitions
In this world keeping ignited the inner fire

But all it takes is One
One dream to give you what you wanted
One soul who reaches the ultimate goal
One door to the future you always wanted
One road to reach the place where you belong
One heart to make you feel loved
One ambition to make you feel strong
Sometimes that one completes you as whole

Mihran Kalaydjian One Akriti (Image)
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96 thoughts on “Mihran Kalaydjian Playing One Akriti (Image)

  1. So beautiful, Mihran. I have dreams where I can suddenly sit down and play the piano beautifully, but in reality, 8 years of lessons accomplished so little as to be embarrassing. So, I will vicariously enjoy your incredible talents! Judy

    1. wow – I am humbled by your comments and thoughts. You reminded me when I was 4 years ago, I wanted to quit playing the piano. My Piano teacher always tells me, just to practice…Very simple!!

  2. So strange. You were reading my blog as I was reading yours. I finished my comment and went back to my blog and saw that you had “liked” my post. I have no idea where you are or what the time difference is, but sometimes things just line up. I am going to try to find “One Akriti” to buy on itunes…J

  3. It’s beautiful, Mihran!!! It simply is a dream. That would also be a wonderful background to some slideshows. I totally love it. I have a plan that I want to provide some space for my friends in order to share their music over my page. I soon will do a post about it. I would love to add this song. I am melting away!!!

    1. Hi Erika – I am humbled and gratified by your compliments and sincerest appreciation. This melody is a tune in Paradise…You have my blessings to add this song!!! Let this song continue to melt and cherish you!!

  4. The lyrics speak to the soul and your beautiful music opens the door so they can produce peace. I wonder, do you, as the artist, become transported to an ethereal plain when you play as does your audience? As always Mihran, I am indebted to you for sharing this beautiful music. Blessing upon you and your band!

    1. Dearest Tina – your words are like diamond and magical ink – I have no words to reply to you. As always I am touched and adore your words. May God Bless you!

    1. wow – Angie – Please allow me to thank you for your sincerest gratitude – I am speechless and I appreciate for the re-blog. Thank you – Let your day smile for you!!

      1. Absolutely my privilege, Mihran! I hope you and your family are happy and that your week is off to a great start 😀

  5. Thank-you for believing in me. You have a beautiful soul, and like your tagline states- I do not want to let you down. Your music is magnificent, the stuff of dreams. Please, do not change who you are. You inspire so many dreamers among us. You are blessed dear friend. 🙂
    Mary Michelle

    1. Good Afternoon Mary – Happy Easter – I wish you always the best of health and success, I am out of words and touched and inspired by you. May God Bless you!!!

  6. Reblogged this on Teachezwell Blog and commented:
    What a musician! Grab your favorite book, settle in a comfortable chair, and enjoy the genius of this pianist. Music trumps so many differences in culture, language, and learning.

  7. Wonderful words and lyrics..these ones touched me most:

    “But all it takes is One
    One dream to give you what you wanted
    One soul who reaches the ultimate goal
    One door to the future you always wanted
    One road to reach the place where you belong
    One heart to make you feel loved
    One ambition to make you feel strong
    Sometimes that one completes you as whole”

    1. Indah – wow “There are not enough days in forever to allow me to fully express the depth of my love for you.”


      “I love you beyond your uncertainties and above your fears;
      I love you profoundly enough for your eyes to know no tears.

      I love you in your utmost simplicity and yet, in your unrevealed complexity;
      I love you in your toughest days and in my sincerest ways.

      I love you in our unfathomable silence and in our expressive distance;
      I love you for who you were yesterday and at the touch of love, who you become every day.

      I love you in your presence;
      I love you in your absence.

      I just love you.”

      At the end Indah – I agree with you:)

    1. Thank you Eliza – I deeply appreciate your kind words – This piece is Piano Melody, while I am preparing for a short movie and me singing – when ready, I will posted it!!

  8. Mino , beautiful Mino ! … So very touching , your musicianship like a flowing river under a full moon …gorgeous ! ( are you still performing this summer in Chicago ? ) love , xxxmeg

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