I Love Your Eyes

I love your eyes, your sparkling eyes;
They speak to me softly, with no lies.

Your eyes are like the morning dew,
Refreshing, delightful and beautiful.
Your eyes glow and I drown in their beauty.
I would love to stay there in a blissful frenzy.

Every time I look into your eyes,
I’m lost in innumerable memories
And I forget the world around me.

Your eyes, your mesmerizing eyes.
I love your eyes …
You are my greatest prize.

One thought on “I Love Your Eyes

  1. I agree my friend. The eyes can steal our mind and thoughts. If the lady wants. A poem for you.
    “I see the Pacific Ocean in your eyes,
    I can see the deep blue sea in those beautiful gentle eyes.
    Please hold my hand, please hold my heart.
    Let’s escape, wander to the bay and dance for the goddess of the sea.”

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